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All About Us at CBC Restoration

We are based on the west coast of LA (Los Angeles) in Redondo Beach near Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Torrance, and many other notable cities. We cover not only Los Angeles from tides of damages but also Orange County and Ventura County. We have always been in the business of helping people restore their life. We understand how much a situation can affect ones life. Every wave that pushes you back feels as if you are drowning. But we are here to throw that life vest to you and help you through this situation. We offer professionals who are all friendly and welcoming and do our best to surpass your expectations but also help you get the best outcome we can offer. 

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Oscar Sanchez has been specializing in the emergency restoration field right out of high school. Oscar got introduced to water damage back in 2002 and fell in love with this line of work. Being able to plan out jobs that would get someone from the deep end of life and help pull them back to the shore. This is his passion and Oscar goes to work with a smile every day knowing that he is doing his best to help all his clients. Through the many years he has always pushed himself even when he worked for other companies. Seeing others in the field not share his passion in actually helping and going above and beyond he has set out on his own path to provide his service in the restoration field with nothing but professionalism. 

About the CEO Oscar Sanchez

Wave Goodbye to Water Damage!

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